Making the club scene a popping one should be easy. The young and music lovers are the right audience to appeal to especially if you offer good VIP and special performances. Try giving props to all your popular crowd. 

Pictures and themes are the best way to go. Contests are also a good thing to help get your club up and packed. Good DJs are a must. Try to keep a good relationship between you and your DJ because they deal directly with the crowd and know what they like to hear. If the crowd loves the DJ, they will most definitely return and speak about it.

Word of mouth is a great way to get promotion out about your events. Ticket sales should start atleast 3 to 6 months before your event date. Now, a club should have a promoter on it’s payroll so that you make sure that you have your event calendar planned out up until a year at least. Time is key. 

I know that promoting may seem to be a hard task but like I said, time is key. Keep your audience happy and they will help your club traffic up and put the word out about events in return.


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