Local Talent

The rap scene is booming and nowadays if a song like peek-a-boo can make it to the TV screen then I believe this hot new local artist should definitely be heard. Born Shannon Evans, he is a 27 year old Brooklyn native and a handsome one at that. I listened to some of the new tracks on soundcloud from this artist and I must say.. Please sign this man. Why isn’t he signed yet?

I had the opportunity to learn more about him by finding his Instagram account and inboxing him. What a humble guy! Although his rap name is Homicide Hitman A.K.A Hitta, don’t be alarmed! It just means he murders any track he spits on. 

I had the pleasure of hearing about 5 songs and wanted to hear more. I was blessed with old music by Hitta and instantly he gained a new fan. The track called, ‘Me and my boo’, is a hit. Should be on radio stations and women’s cars as they drive on their way to work or meeting their boo things.

Go listen for yourself!


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