First blog post

Soo this is my very first post and this pic was already chosen for me to use. I thought about what I could and would write about why I choose to start a blog. Then I thought the pic doesn’t really represent what I want to say and then while I’m thinking this is a new beginning, the pic started to make sense. Soo, I kept it.

New beginnings of writing my thoughts down on different issues that make me feel a certain way or don’t make me feel a certain way. Tranquil to the World’s Bullshit. That’s what this blog is going to be about. Any and everything! I’m pretty diverse too so, interesting is what this journey should be!




When I think of the meaning of commit, I think of faith and loyalty. Being loyal to yourself, a partner, your family, your beliefs and your religion. To have faith that things will be as you imagined them to be in the end. “The big picture”, having faith that the end result is a happy one.

Holding tight to something you care about and without any doubt, make every moment count. Treat life like it’s your last day alive. Making sure there is no doubt that you are giving your all to everything that you do and everyone that you love.

Being what seperates you from the nonbelievers and the unfaithful. Make a difference in someone’s life and that will spark a ripple effect of commitment through your home, your community and hopefully the world!

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Bulls B.S.

I can’t believe the audacity of the Chicago Bulls. The trade of Jimmy Butler for 2 unseasoned players is horrific. I know the Bulls are working on a rebuild but they are going to have to rebuild from this crazy move. 

First, let’s talk about Kris Dunn who played through all 4 years of college. Came into the NBA and to have his rookie season foul out bad, I’m astonished he was even a choice. 23 years old, I believe he can get better but he’s not what the Bulls need right now.

Now, Zach Lavine who showed some potential before his injury is now no good for any team. He can’t even start with the team when the season kicks off. He just got out of surgery due to his ACL. Last I checked it’s a long road to recovery for ACL injuries.

Jimmy Butler is going to Minnesota and I can’t wait to see him team up with Towns and Wiggins. Now I’m calling it. I believe that the Timberwolves are going to be in the playoffs next year!


Making the club scene a popping one should be easy. The young and music lovers are the right audience to appeal to especially if you offer good VIP and special performances. Try giving props to all your popular crowd. 

Pictures and themes are the best way to go. Contests are also a good thing to help get your club up and packed. Good DJs are a must. Try to keep a good relationship between you and your DJ because they deal directly with the crowd and know what they like to hear. If the crowd loves the DJ, they will most definitely return and speak about it.

Word of mouth is a great way to get promotion out about your events. Ticket sales should start atleast 3 to 6 months before your event date. Now, a club should have a promoter on it’s payroll so that you make sure that you have your event calendar planned out up until a year at least. Time is key. 

I know that promoting may seem to be a hard task but like I said, time is key. Keep your audience happy and they will help your club traffic up and put the word out about events in return.

Local Talent

The rap scene is booming and nowadays if a song like peek-a-boo can make it to the TV screen then I believe this hot new local artist should definitely be heard. Born Shannon Evans, he is a 27 year old Brooklyn native and a handsome one at that. I listened to some of the new tracks on soundcloud from this artist and I must say.. Please sign this man. Why isn’t he signed yet?

I had the opportunity to learn more about him by finding his Instagram account and inboxing him. What a humble guy! Although his rap name is Homicide Hitman A.K.A Hitta, don’t be alarmed! It just means he murders any track he spits on. 

I had the pleasure of hearing about 5 songs and wanted to hear more. I was blessed with old music by Hitta and instantly he gained a new fan. The track called, ‘Me and my boo’, is a hit. Should be on radio stations and women’s cars as they drive on their way to work or meeting their boo things.

Go listen for yourself!


I am back. It’s been 4 days since my last blog post introducing myself. I’m up at 4:34 in the morning laying in bed thinking about things I can’t do anything about. I should be sleeping! Why?! What makes a mind wander so deeply that I can’t keep my eyes closed? 

I was thinking things like, how can I make my blog more interesting and what types of things should I write about? So I grabbed my phone and just started typing. Why?! This should be the time I roll over and reach for my fiance and pull myself closer to him and fall back to sleep. But nope… Why am I up?